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"Leon. Please don't leave me." - Jessie Valentine

Jessie is the sister to the B.S.A.A. member Jill Valentine. Jessie was once in S.T.A.R.S. unit and the B.S.A.A. and the Army with Jill, but she had gotten really sick and she was sent home. Jessie was 19 when she was sent home from the B.S.A.A. She was enrolled at 18. Now, Jessie is 22 and she works at a diner in Nevada, desert, she worked there for a year. She was engaged to Frank Norris. Jessie was working one day at the diner, her boss was a completely a dick to her, she never liked him. Her boss walked in and she was taking orders at a table, and she walked to the counter, he came up to her and started rubbing up on her, she grabbed a beer bottle and hit him in the head with it, he stumble to the ground. "You fucking pig" she kicked him and took off her apron. Jessie got to her trailer the next day, she walked in and found her husband having sex with his bosses daughter. Jessie turned and stormed out the door as Frank realized she was there. Frank ran outside to stop her but Jessie swung her fist and punched him. "Leave me alone you fucking bastard" she yelled he grabbed her arm tightly and pulled it behind her back, she groaned in pain. "ah!" she responded, Frank was behind her holding her by her arm and put pressure to it as he pushed her hand to her shoulder blade, "You ever lay a hand on me, I'll break it." He said with a angrily aggressively tone. Jessie stomped on his bare-feet with her combat boots as he yelled loudly, she quickly swung again, knocking him in the jaw. He stumbled backwards leaving space between them both. He walked toward her as he swung and she ducked and then he upper cut her as she fell to the ground, holding her face. Frank knelled down beside her. "You're pathetic!" he said as he aggressively grabbed a hold on her face and snatched away. Jessie's nose was bleeding with some blood coming from her lip. "Hey!" a voice came from above them, Jessie glanced and saw a man which looked like a agent, He had long hair but short enough to not get in your eyes, he wore a black leather jacket with some jeans and combat boots, he had finger-less gloves on both hands. He held his gun at Frank at gun point.


Jessie's appearance in Resident Evil Ghosts, she has dark brown hair with hazel green eyes. She wears a black jacket with a black tank top with some jeans and combat boots.

Jessie wears a black, diamond dress for her mother and father's funeral.

She also ends up just having a tank top with jeans on when she gets kidnapped by Wesker.

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